Hikekik Inflatable Mattress Pro™ - Hikekik
Hikekik Inflatable Mattress Pro™ - Hikekik
Hikekik Inflatable Mattress Pro™ - Hikekik
Hikekik Inflatable Mattress Pro™ - Hikekik
Hikekik Inflatable Mattress Pro™ - Hikekik
Hikekik Inflatable Mattress Pro™ - Hikekik
Hikekik Inflatable Mattress Pro™ - Hikekik

Hikekik Inflatable Mattress Pro™

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Our #1 Absolute Bestselling Hiking Mattress you can ever have!

Isn’t it stressful to sleep on rough, chilly, and rocky terrain on your outdoor adventures after a long tiring day?

Hiking the great outdoors is tough. After a hiking day, most backpackers are tired enough to pass out face-first when they arrive at their setup spot. so, we've created the Hikekik ultimate inflatable mattress for outdoor enthusiasts. Don’t miss that sunset on that rocky edge of a beautiful valley when you are tired.


This thing was great for me for 7 months of living on the Appalachian Trail. Bought this to side sleep and did it well on the ground or in shelters for 2200 miles of various conditions. Slept from 90+ to below freezing (close to zero) temps. did the job of keeping cold at bay and cushioning my nighty nights in the woods. The best pad I've owned to campUnpacked, inflated, deflated and packed this pad hundreds of times over 7months with no leaks. 

Phillip K.D (⭐)

  • Most Comfortable Air Mattress Ever
  • Built-In Pillow For Extra Comfort
  • Ultra-Lightweight & Compact Design
  • Perfect For All Environment

Designed for campers, the Hikekik Mattress is your ultimate partner on all your outdoor adventures. Get a peaceful sleep on thick Hikekik Mattress and prepare yourself for the next day to enjoy the new adventures ahead. Hikekik Mattress allows you to have a comfortable sleep while you are out on your adventures.


  1. Extremely Durable: No one can think better for hikers and campers if they are not one of them, we as hikers are sick and tired of having old school mats pop on us! That’s why we made Hikekik Mattress. We use durable dual-layered material for ultimate resistance, making the Hikekik Mattress both comfortable and durable.
  1. Ultra-Lightweight: Most of the hiking and outdoor Hikekik Mattresses weigh 1-2 kg! Isn’t that ridiculous? With the finished product that only weighs 500 grams, the Hikekik Mattress is your ultimate companion on your every adventure, taking up less space and decreasing your burden.
  1. Super Compact: Nothing is worse than a bulky sleeping mattress swinging around on your side as you walk. That’s why we made Hikekik Mattress as compact as possible, just pack it down to the size of a thin water bottle and store it in your backpack.

  1. Perfect for your body: The perfect design of the Hikekik Mattress adapts to the cervical vertebrae and harnesses the traction of the hindbrain even during sleep.
  1. Maximum Comfort: NO MORE Back-pain or annoying Discomfort from rocky terrain or bumps underneath! We have made our product and tested its comfort level again and again with thousands of people to make it the one and only comfortable camping and hiking mattress ever. 
  1. Cold Protection:  The Hikekik Mattress perfectly limits air movement and heat loss from your body when outdoor camping, achieving an R-value of 4.2.

  1. Built-In Pillow: What you didn't expect is that it's a camping pad with a pillow, this means you won't have to carry an extra pillow and no worrying about the room in your backpack, No backaches due to heavyweight.